Woodland Sold Data February 2013 revised


The Woodland Real Estate Data Series examines MLS data for the City of Woodland residential housing market. In this post I examine the sold data for the month of February 2013. Table 1 displays the number of sold units, median list price, median sold price, median days on market, median square footage, and median square foot price, for all sold units by area. Table 2 shows the month over month percentage change from the previous month for all sold units by area.

Woodland – All Areas

The City of Woodland had 29% increase in the number of units sold between January and February 2013. The median list price decreased by 11 % from $228,500 in January to $204,200 in February. The median sold price decreased as well from January to February by 7% from $225,000 to $210,000. One positive note is the median days on market decreased by 67% from 39 days in January to 13 days in February. The median home size sold decreased by 24% from 1,933 square feet in January to 1,474 square feet in February. Finally, the median price per square foot of sold units increased by 19 % from $120 per square foot in January to $143 per square foot in February.

Highs and Lows by Area

  • Most sold # of units: North Central Woodland  and Central Woodland
  • Highest median list price: Springlake
  • Highest median sold price: Springlake
  • Median days on market (lowest): Sycamore Ranch and South Woodland
  • Highest median square foot sold: Springlake
  • Highest median square foot price sold: Springlake
  • Least sold # of units: Wildwings
  • Lowest median list price: West Woodland*
  • Lowest median sold price: West Woodland*
  • Median days on market (highest): West Woodland*
  • Lowest median square foot sold: East Woodland*
  • Lowest median square foot price sold: West Woodland*

(*in areas with sold units)

Monthly Hot Sheet_FEB 2013 WDLD REVISED

Monthly Hot Sheet_FEB 2013 WDLD REVISED_MOM


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